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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Exciting News: I'm being Featured!

It is officially 2 years since I started this adventure and I am so blessed to have met so many wonderfuly people along the way. My business is strictly by word of mouth. I do not advertise in publications, and so I have grown only because of such great people like yourselves spreading the word.

Well... one of the professional labs I use for my products contacted me about an Image Box I recently submitted. They would like to feature it at WPPI: Wedding & Portrait Photographers International. It is one of the largest vendor and training venues for Professional Photographers. You can find out about WPPI here clicking here to go to the WPPI homepage.

Now, I can only take partial credit. The template was professionally designed by Sarah Gourdie a designer and photographer but the images are mine! ;-) My images will be in front of thousands! of photographers. This is Hollywood for us Photographers where the biggest and brightest of the industry will be there.

Here is the Image Box recently designed and will be featured at WPPI

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