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Friday, December 26, 2008

Preg Session: Megann + Andrew + Baby

I hope everyone had a beautiful Holiday. My DH and I hosted the Christmas Dinner in our new house and it was great to sit back and relax afterwards. Our Holiday movie to watch was Batman- The Dark Knight. My DH couldn't wait to watch it any longer! I made him wait till Christmas to open the movie. lol. I gotta say, it is an awesome movie. Anyways, back to work... meet Megann and Andrew + Baby

Aren't they a beautiful couple? They are expecting their first at the end of Jan. So, stay tuned, because you'll get to see the first photos of their new bundle of Joy right here. I know what they are having but you'll have to come back and see for yourself. I love how he is resting his chin and nestling into his lovely wife... can we all say "Awhh" together?


Enjoy your Sneak Peek!

Monday, November 17, 2008

NEWBORN: Meet Mister L. - 7 days old

He was such a cutie pie. We had to give him his nookie a few times and then take it out right before I took the shot! I can tell his parents (first time parents) are so enraptured by him - as they should be. Thank you for letting me capture these moments and memories! Enjoy your Sneak Peek!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Featuring local Biz: Delfina Designs

I'd like to start featuring small local businesses on my Blog. I believe it is important to support small business who give so much of their time to their passion. So, first up is one of my clients, Delfina Designs. You can view her website by clicking on the following Delfina Designs. She features personalized embroidered gifts such as soft knit blankets (one called Cashmere!), burping cloth and more. Check her out!

If you know of other small local businesses that you would like me to feature please email me at shannonmariephoto AT

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Children's Session: Mister P - 6 yrs old & Mister J - 6 months old

I had the pleasure of photographing 2 handsome siblings. I love the pic of Mister P and Mister J together. I love the way little J is looking at his older brother. Enjoy your Sneak Peek!

It worked out that when I arrived Mister J was still sleeping- so I snuck in some sleeping shots and I have to say they are my Favs.

Friday, October 24, 2008

H.S. Senior and BFF Session: Courtney and Samantha

This was sooo much fun for me and I have to thank you girls for braving the weather. It was probably 45' degrees and WINDY and here they are modeling for me in short sleeves! Aren't they stunning? They were naturals in front of the camera but I think it also helps to have your BFF there with you to help make you laugh and relax. These girls have been friends since 1st grade, right? Don't let their beauty fool you though. These girls are smart and hold jobs. One will be majoring in Dental Hygiene, yeah!,( b/c it's my FT job) and the other will major in Chemistry + Chemical Engineering. Enjoy your Sneak Peek! More to come... I'm in the middle of {3} jobs right now and trying to catch up!

Engagement Session: Audrie + Kevin

Audrie and I go way back to 6th grade middle school. Our 10th Reunion is this year already! Kevin is such a nice guy and, I know, guys don't really want to hear that! I wish them all the best.

Something a little fun and different. Audrie had been searching for this car for awhile now and it was only fitting that it be the Star of the Show for one picture. lol!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Children's + Urban Family Session

It was a beautiful morning and so we started out in town where I found an old green garage door and the building was boarded up. My friend was like we are going here? To the photographer- an abandoned building makes for an incrediable backdrop. We than headed over to a beautiful park with stone walls and a covered bridge. The green wall will be posted later... here's just (2) to hold you over.

I love to get a shot or two of Mom and Dad. When was the last time you had a picture of just the two of you?

Offering Framing options...

For those of you who are looking for a complete package I will now be offering Framing! I have researched a few companies and finally settled on Frame-Love. Babette, Owner of Frame-Love, is wonderful to work with and her style of frames fits my style of photography. I love the weathered and worn look with my moody BW photographs or punched out color photographs. The frames can be customized in sizing and colors and her turnaround is fantastic. Check out her online catalog at Visit Frame*Love!
She is only available for Wholesale ordering through a professional photographer - so you must place your order through me. Choosing the proper frame can be daunting but I will work closely with you on chosing the proper color and style to best fit your artistic photograph.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Are you Uber Stylish and Modern?

Introducing the long awaited Designer Keepsake Box ! Looking for something different to display your Photographic Artwork? This Designer Box will feature (10) of your Fav images. The images come sprayed for UV protection and mounted for stability with a beautiful beveled edge to make the photograph pop. Choose from several pre-designed Keepsake Box covers tailored to your session. Receive a 10% Introductory Adjustment off of original pricing till Oct 4th, 2008.

Click on the images for a better view!

Click on the images for a better view!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Important! New Holiday Schedule

Please click on the two banners listed below to read better. Thank you!

Children's Session: Meet Mr. P - (2) Years Old

This little guy had the biggest bluest eyes and such a wonderful personality. He loved his cars that Mom brought with him. However, he didn't want to play with them! Mr. P just wanted to make sure we didn't leave them behind! Hence, the last pic where he is looking back at me making sure his cars didn't disappear! lol! Enjoy!

Something a little different- old film

Friday, August 22, 2008

Special Offer for Signing up the NEW Newsletter

Remember, you will just be receiving my updated Blog posts. No spam or third party emails. Promise. This is so you will never miss a new product or special offer- like the one posted below! Click on the Ad to view larger...

Friday, August 15, 2008

NEW Mailing list subscriber. Please sign up again...

If you have signed up with my old email notification please sign up again (located to the direct right) . Sorry! This new system will allow me to manage my Blog better! Thanks so much! - Shannon

Big Changes

I finally took the plunge and will be opening an official website! Be patient though- I just have the template. Now I have to upload everything! This is where you will be able to access pricing, look at my Product Guide {THE Store} online, and ofcourse my Galleries featuring YOU. SO, stay tuned... I'm so excited!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Something Wicked-ly Cool Comes this Way

Ok, I've listened to your feedback and I am changing some of my products. I will be eliminating the Accordian Album and Small "brag Album" that holds 12 4x6. In replace of those items will be something alot more modern and uber stylish. Something that I bet, no one you know has this item! Alas, it is custom ordered so you'll have to wait a few weeks on this one. But the wait will be worth it! Promise.

In order to get rid of my inventory... I have (1) Accordian Album and (1) Brag Album holding 12 4x6 on sale... Orig Price: $225 Sale price: $175
First pay, first serve.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Children's Session: Miss K. - 4 Months Old

This was primarily a session for the 4 month old, Miss K, featured below. She is a Doll and has the perfect little nose and beautiful eyes. I also wanted to share the group kids picture that took some prompting but we finally got it! ;-) I really like how it turned out with the siblings: ages 4 month, 3 years and 8 years old. Something a little different but that's what I aim for! Enjoy your Sneak Peek Mom and Dad!

LOVE the interaction between Mommy and Baby. That's why I LOVE what I do!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

New Promotion: Designer Gallery Album

No more teasing- presenting the new Designer Gallery Album. This custom designed album features (20) of your favorite images (sized up to 5x7 on your choice of gloss or metallic paper) from your session presented in a custom designed box for presentation and protection. The studio sample cover is featured in Shimmer with the Designer Box custom designed to match. Other cover choices are: premium leather, shimmer colors, canvas and more. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. This is not available for Rush orders since it is custom designed.

Introductory Special: For the month of July receive a 10% courtesy adjustment off your custom designed Gallery Album.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sneak Peek Product

I'm really excited to show off this product - BUT, not the proper grammer there! I'm waiting till July! This will be offered at an introductory price for the month of July. So, just to tease you, here's a picture!

Friday, June 20, 2008

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testing the "Got Gossip?" email sign up

Why does Custom Portraiture cost so much?

I have brought this to attention to educate you, the client, why Custom Portraiture can be costly... remember this is a business not a hobby. I strive to do my best and bring you the best products that will last for generations. I have received permission to use this link from author of the article: Marianne Drenthe from

Please read the following article that will explain "Behind the Scenes of a Photography Business...". Click on the paragraph below...

Visit Why Does Custom Photography Cost More?.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Monday, May 26, 2008

Newborn: Miss K. 3 Days Old

My youngest and tiniest client yet! Such a precious little baby. I can't stress enough to Mom's and Dad's to schedule your Newborn session as soon as you are home. She would just curl up into the tiniest ball and let me position her any which way! You may remember the Little Man in the picture? He has graced my Blog several times before! Such a Beautiful family and thank you for the opportunity to capture the special moments between you! Enjoy your Sneak Peek!

{ THE Store }

S.M.P. is now offering Art prints (UV sprayed and mounted for protection), Storyboards, Newborn & Senior Annoucement Cards and Christmas Cards on fine papers (you have to see them to believe the quality! Nothing like you'll find in a store.) I am also offering Custom Coffee Table Albums and Canvases that are a "Ready to hang" fashion- the image wraps around the wooden frame and needs no framing! This is the finest quality Canvas that I have seen and I have brought it to you! Coming soon, I will be offering an Album that is hand-made to order and is imported from Australia. Cover options for this Album are premium leather, linen and shimmer. This stunning album also features a Custom designer box for storage and presentation. I have ordered a Studio sample and the Album should be arriving in 4-6weeks. (Yup, that's how long it takes b/c it is custom hand-made!) Stay tuned for pictures. I have researched for MONTHS to bring you the finest quality material and you will not be disappointed in these products.

FEATURE FOR THE MONTH OF JUNE: Canvas and Custom Coffee Table Book. (See pictured below) - 10% Courtesy for the Featured items for the month of June (may not be combined with any other offers)

Please email for a Brochure that has a detailed description of every item offered with a picture for clarification.

Check back for more Featured products every month!

Policy Update

After long consideration, I have decided to offer Digital Negatives in packages. With all the technology available today, I felt it would best suit myself and you (the client) if you have digital negatives. You'll be able to post them on your Myspace, show them on your camera phone, email to relatives or print out (30) 5x7's -if that's what you wish. However, I will be very strict about Copyright Laws. This is to protect my Name and Livelihood. You will have a "Limited Use License." This means you may only print them up to size 8x10 and not alter the images in anyway. You will not be given full-resolution files and I will not guarentee the size beyond an 8x10. All enlargements must be ordered through S.M.P., where I have complete control over the quality of the image using the original full-resolution file.
( Even though you bought the digital negative, the Copyright still belongs to Shannon Marie Photography.) This information is to educate you, the Client, and to protect my business. Thank you for understanding!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Newborn: Mister M. 9 days old

Meet Mister M. who was 9 days old when I photographed him. He was sleeping away when I arrived and allowed me to get in quite a few shots before he started waking up! When he was sleeping, he was out- but when he woke up, he was up! wink. I love the moment caught between Mom and Mister M. That's what I look for, that one moment when you see it, you feel such gratitude to be a part of it! Enjoy your Sneak Peek Mom, Dad, and older brother!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Newborn: Miss M. 7 days old

She was such the sweetest little thing, and I mean little, only 6 lbs and some ounces! She was so cute, she would curl into a little ball and put her hands near her ears. She was a great sleeper until I came along and she kept wanting to wake up- but I didn't let you! wink. Her parents have this fantastic old farmhouse full of character and so I had to use the house as a prop. I put little Miss M. into the basket and onto the deep windowsill. I really like how it turned out. Enjoy your Sneak Peek new parents!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Tea Party for a 4 Year Old

Isn't she stunning? And who would have thought she was only 4 years old? This was my first time trying out the Petti skirt and it was lovely on Miss. J. We brought out the blanket for a Tea Party with "raspberry" tea. I also brought balloons for Miss J. to play with and I think it fits with Springton Manor Farm. Enjoy your Sneak Peek!