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Friday, June 19, 2009

Ahem... may I have your attention please...

Hey you! Yes, that's right I'm talking to you. The one who keeps stalking my blog and tossing around the idea of scheduling a photo session with me... what are you waiting for? Your children will have passed that really cute stage and into those tween years when they want nothing to do with you. ok, maybe that was over-reacting. So, to get you off that computer chair and outside for a beautiful children's session...

I am waiving my session retainer ($125 value- only travel fee's apply if valid) and you will receive (2)complimentary digi negatives. No purchase nec and you may not exchange the value for another item. One last rule: the session must be completed before Sept 1st, 2009.

Hurry, I am only giving this away to the first TWO people who email me at shannonmariephoto AT See, there is a very good reason my clients sign up for automatic Blog updates (the upper right hand side). You might have just missed this opportunity b/c you are not a Blog subscriber...

ALSO, if you know of someone who if pregnant and expecting in June through September I am offering an incrediable deal for my new *de luxe Baby* sessions. Send them over to under current promotions to see the rules. The person who refers the new client to me will receive a $50 voucher to use for their next session with me! ** (Addendum... To receive the $50 referral voucher, the new client must complete the session.)(no cash value)
Enjoy! S.M.

Children's session cont for Mister L.

Here you go! I did something alittle different a did 2 storyboards b/c I thought they told a story. I love documentary photography. In the first one, I love the capture of Mom blowing bubbles and Mister L enraptured by them. In the second you can see Mister L really looking at his dads head and then going in for the "love bite". lol Enjoy! SMP
ps: sorry the photos are so small. I might be looking into getting a new Blog that can post larger photos....

Monday, June 15, 2009

Children's Session: Mister L. 7 months young

I had the pleasure to photograph this beautiful family again. You might remember Mister L. from this post:

I LOVE this photo of the family. I love the way Mister L is gazing at the camera. I love Mom snuggled into Dad and Dad beaming at his son. This family is so much fun and I love the clothes they chose; modern and stylish. I processed the photo with textures b/c the photograph just had that feeling about it. I have another Sneak Peek surprise for you- coming soon! Hope you enjoy this tease and check back by Fri for another goodie... ;-)