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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

More Fall 2009 Mini Sessions

This little man is the poster child of S.M.P. I photographed him at 7 days, 7 months and now almost 1 year old! He was reaching up to take off his adorable hat as I snapped the pic!

He is always such a joy to photograph... oh and you too Mom and Dad! ;-)

Meet Miss K., 2 years old. She is a shy but stunning little lady! She finally warmed up to playing tea. Here she is "pouring" strawberry tea for her friends Coco and Bear pictured with her.

I told her we were taking her picture for Mickey Mouse because she loves Mickey! M.i.c.k.e.y.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A couple from the Mini Session Day

The Mini Session that was held this past Sunday at Fairville Inn, Chadd's Ford turned out to be a great day! I got to meet some new, lovely people and their beautiful families. Now, before you pout... if you aren't featured, I promise to have your photos up soon. I'm jumping around from each session and pulling out my Favs. But, you will be posted soon, so you just have to stay tuned right? Everyone will have 2 different photos featured at some point. I just like to mix it up alittle bit and keep you guessing who's next. ;-)

I love this family photo... mom and dad looking at one another while the two handsome sons look on.

Ahh, to have that kind of energy again! ;-)

This little man kept turning the nice side of the pumpkin around to face him. I would turn it towards the camera and then he would quickly turn it to face him! What a cutie!