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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Announcing: A New Collection Click on photo to view larger

I have had numerous inquiries and requests for purchasing only Digital Images. I have bounced this thought around many times and I think I have come up with a reasonable solution for all parties...? I refuse to be the "Shoot'n Burn" type of photographer. A large part of my Art is the photograph you hold in your hand or place on your work desk or hang in the Living Room for all to see. I can't control if you choose to have your images printed at the local pharmacy for .20cents. I give you my preference for online printing Labs but ultimately it comes down to you. I try to educate my clients that there really is a difference in printing labs. The online Labs that I use and refer my clients to are calibrated by professionals, using high quality inks and archival photographic paper.

However, I know more and more people are carrying around their iphones, mini cameras or something similiar with family and friends photographs saved on the device, ready to whip out of their purse to share on a whim.

And so, I have reliquished some control, to satisfy the Digital world clients while still giving you a taste of Photographic Art in its finest form.

The Dazzling Digital Collection features:

* ALL processed digital negative images from your Gallery sized to print 8x12 and smaller
* Web sized files to share on Facebook, iphone, email etc...
* A bordered 5x7 Art print of ALL processed images from your Gallery
* A custom designed Dream Box to hold your Art prints with an easel for display
* A Wallet Brag book featuring 10 of your favorite images to carry around with you.

Introduction price $1125 - for the month of September 2009.
Retail Price: $1250
Introduction Price For New and Previous Clients

So, if you made it this far, thank you for humoring me. Stepping off my Soapbox now...

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Newborn Session Sneak Peek II: Mister C. 5 Days New

Here is the second part of your Sneak Peek for Mister C.! He is such a handsome little fellow and I had a blast processing your images. Enjoy!

A word for new parents: it is so very important that you schedule your newborn session while your baby is still very young. Notice how curly Mister C is in the photograph? You cannot achieve the same results with a Newborn that is older than 2 weeks. They grow VERY quickly out of the curly stage!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Newborn Session: Meet Mister C. - 5 days new

Meet Mister C. who was only 5 days new and he slept like a champ in the beginning then he was wide awake for the last half of the session. ;-) This was taken on a pink blanket and I assured the new parents that it would look great in B&W. I explained there is a method behind my maddness! lol I'm sure his Dad was cringing when I took the photo but it paid off, right Dad? lol Texture always looks great in B&W. Isn't he a little handsome fellow? Enjoy your first Sneak Parents! - Shannon

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mini-Session Contest Con't.

Don't miss out on your chance to receive an $1800 package! See previous post below for descriptions!

Please email entries to shannonmariephoto AT

I've had a few questions regarding multiple entries... Yes, you may enter multiple locations. More locations mean more chances of winning, right?

Spread the word about the contest and you will receive a $5 voucher for every NEW referral to enter the contest. The voucher pertains to the INITIAL entry; not per location or multiple entries. The location must be open to the public and also allow professional photography sessions. Invalid entries will be removed and the $5 voucher will not be issued. Remember, they must include your name in order to receive your $5 voucher.

** $5 voucher is not redeemable for cash and cannot be combined with other offers: including and not limited to previous Referral Programs. Must use the $5 voucher for Mini-Session.

*** Space will be limited. Mini-session to be held in October.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Thinking of Christmas yet? Mini-Sessions Area Contest!

Since August is flying by, I am thinking of sessions for Christmas. Don't tell me you haven't thought of Christmas yet either! I am proposing Mini-Sessions for a day.
Where you can bring your children to a designated spot and have a custom and creative mini-photo session by me. This is perfect for those who are too busy for a complete session or for the client who wants just a few photographs and not invest in a complete package.

However, I need your help in finding the perfect spot. I am looking to have the Mini-Sessions this Fall 2009.

So, put your thinking caps on because the person who suggests the most Rock'n and Awesome place will receive:
* Approx (7-10) processed images in digital negative format (printable up to 8x12)
* (24) custom Christmas cards
* A custom 5x7 Image box to store your images from your session.
Value? hmmm... $1800 VALUE! So is that enough motivation? So get out there and scout areas! Maybe you know someone who owns a farm? Maybe you know this perfect little park... something different and unique. Old buildings or a beautiful field.

DEADLINE: Sept 1st, 2009. You must include the address of the designated spot.

Once the area has been selected, I will list the Mini-Session Price Guide and time slot availability. Due to the limited time slot availibility, a reservation fee must be paid to hold your time.

And so I can't post without a picture... here's one from our trip last weekend to the Baltimore Aquarium.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Newborn Session: *de luxe Baby* session

Part II of your Sneak Peek! Here are a couple from the *de luxe Baby* session of Miss G..
Thank you to all the couples who are participating in the *de luxe Baby* sessions! I am having a wonderful time thinking outside of the box and coming up with something different and more modern. Enjoy!