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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Changing things up

I hope everyone had a blessed Holiday with your Loved One's! The year is almost at an end! Now, my question is, what is the proper way to say 2010? Do you say
Twenty-ten or Two thousand and ten? lol!

I will be re-evaluating my Business investments for Clients and streamlining the products. Meaning, a better investment for you while still receiving the best quality products. For now, I will only be accepting Newborn Sessions from
Jan - March. Children Sessions will resume in April. * However, I might do some Winter Snow Sessions for Children so stay tuned... the weather people keep saying we will be having a snowy winter so I might just offer a unique Children's photo opportunity in the snow!

** Just a reminder, I have a few people signed up for the auto Blog updates but I need you to confirm the subscription. Please be sure to open the email and click on the link to confirm- otherwise you will not receive any updates! ;-(

*** Another reminder, Newborn sessions should be scheduled BEFORE you give birth so I may "reserve" the potential due date of your Miracle. Newborn sessions should take place when your baby is 3-9 days new! This is the PERFECT time in their little lives to photograph them!

See you next year!

- Warmly, Shannon

Saturday, December 19, 2009

New Changes for 2010

THANK YOU FOR A WONDERFUL {SECOND} YEAR IN BUSINESS! A simple "Thank You" doesn't seem enough... I feel so honored and blessed that you chose me as your Children's Photographer. I truly have the best clients and I look forward to seeing you next year! As Bing would say, "May your days be merry and bright, and may all your christmases be white ..."

************** Big, BIG changes coming for 2010 **************

Stay tuned... ;-)

Newborn Session: Miss S. 7 days new

I posted these on Facebook at However, not everyone Facebook's... I check in once a week- guilty as charged. The Newborn photos are from my BF's session. Long overdue for a posting- shame on me! I was there when she gave birth too! It just so happened that I had off from work that day and got the call at 6:30am that they were headed over to the hospital. It was a blessing to be there for her since this was her first. So, I am self-proclaimed Auntie Shan. I bought her the cutest little jacket from Gap for Christmas. I'm telling you she is gonna be one stylin' chick with an Aunt like me shopping for her! ;-)