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Saturday, April 26, 2008

I should say Couples/Engagements Sessions

Ok, so maybe you've been engaged for awhile and never had an E-session or maybe you didn't like your pictures and wanted something new and different. Maybe you've been married and would like some new pictures of just the two of you? Nothing wrong with that! When was the last time you were actually in the photo? Date night? What's that you say? Than it is time for some one on one {plus Photographer} to document those moments!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Kisses Galore

Ok, I just wanted to start this post with a "I am not a wedding Photographer!" lol. You may remember this family from an earlier post? Well, the Mom wanted some pictures of the family dressed up for her sister's wedding. So, I was hired as the Wedding Children's Photographer- and I must say what beautiful children all around! Mister G. was spell bound by the golf cart and was pretending to drive the little girls around! {The need for speed at such an early age! lol.} The girls are just charming and love the pose of them around their little brother. What a Beautiful Day- thank you! And remember... I don't do weddings! lol