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Friday, October 24, 2008

H.S. Senior and BFF Session: Courtney and Samantha

This was sooo much fun for me and I have to thank you girls for braving the weather. It was probably 45' degrees and WINDY and here they are modeling for me in short sleeves! Aren't they stunning? They were naturals in front of the camera but I think it also helps to have your BFF there with you to help make you laugh and relax. These girls have been friends since 1st grade, right? Don't let their beauty fool you though. These girls are smart and hold jobs. One will be majoring in Dental Hygiene, yeah!,( b/c it's my FT job) and the other will major in Chemistry + Chemical Engineering. Enjoy your Sneak Peek! More to come... I'm in the middle of {3} jobs right now and trying to catch up!

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