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Friday, August 27, 2010

New blog address! Take note, this is the last post on this page...

Hello Peeps! Alittle bit longer than I expected but it is finished! The NEW, IMPROVED blog for Shannon Marie Photography! Blogger has been fun but I have grown and need more room.

Take note because you will not see anymore updated posts on this old blogger.

The new address you say?
the NEW blog
Easy huh?

Come on over, check it out! Very modern, stylish and easy to navigate!
* BIGger photos
* Contact Me page
* Secure Ordering forms! No longer have the need to email me your selection and potentially miss things. Just fill out the form- it will walk you through ordering!
* Easy to email and Facebook posts for sharing
* Oh, and please feel free to post a comment! A new feature after each Blog post!
* and much, much MORE!

And to make it fun... for the next week, every person who signs up to follow with the Automatic Blog update will receive (1) complimentary Digi Negative printable up to 5x7 + Facebook file (same image as Digi Negative)!

Rules, you say?
* You may use your (1) Digi Negative for a past or future session
* The session must have been within ONE year of today's date: 8/27/2010
* If you are using it for a Past session, you may only choose one session to upload. (For those of you who are S.M.P. repeater's) ;-)
* For PAST session's: The Gallery will only be active for 24 hours. No exceptions. You will receive an email of your start date so take note of your date for the Gallery to start because the clock is ticking. It is your responsibility to let me know if you cannot view the Gallery or if you need a different start date.
* Cannot be used with any other promo's or redeemed for cash. ;-)
* Also, receive a $25 Gift voucher to use towards a FUTURE session with S.M.P.
* And, as always, receive a $50 Gift voucher for every friend who purchases a session with Shannon Marie Photography!

Go to the homepage and at the end of my little welcome speech you will see a link for the automatic blog updates. Once you have given your information you MUST activate the subscription by clicking on the email you will receive in your inbox. Without approving the email, you have not completed the subscription!

I look forward to seeing you on the other side! ;-)



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