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Monday, May 26, 2008

Policy Update

After long consideration, I have decided to offer Digital Negatives in packages. With all the technology available today, I felt it would best suit myself and you (the client) if you have digital negatives. You'll be able to post them on your Myspace, show them on your camera phone, email to relatives or print out (30) 5x7's -if that's what you wish. However, I will be very strict about Copyright Laws. This is to protect my Name and Livelihood. You will have a "Limited Use License." This means you may only print them up to size 8x10 and not alter the images in anyway. You will not be given full-resolution files and I will not guarentee the size beyond an 8x10. All enlargements must be ordered through S.M.P., where I have complete control over the quality of the image using the original full-resolution file.
( Even though you bought the digital negative, the Copyright still belongs to Shannon Marie Photography.) This information is to educate you, the Client, and to protect my business. Thank you for understanding!

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